Tuesday, January 13, 2009



This is my first posting in my new blog. Previously I have other blogs, however this is for my IT class. No matter how good or how bad it is, I hope I will do well in this subject, so that I can get as much knowledge as I can.

My objectives are to be able to be more computer literate, and to competently maneouver myself around in the IT world.

Before this, I only know how to e-mail, and that is only the basics, write truly basic blogposts, type in Words, and do basic Power Point presentation, surf the net to look for infomations at pages that may not be the best that I could get to. I also engage myself in several social networks pages such as Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Unfortunately, I'm hopeless with Microsoft Excell!! (Do forgive my grammatical errors or mispelled words, please.)

Just for now, that's all. Thanks for reading!!


dayana said...

really enjoy da class?hhaha..cute girl?

Hazwani said...

hihi.. enjoy giler ;)