Tuesday, January 20, 2009


1. Discussion
On average, some students agree that there are gaps between the students, and some disagree. Those who agree thinks that the gap is not too obvious and that more things can be done to reduce it.

Apart from that, the gap is said to be negligable when it comes to cooperations required and provided for by the students when carrying out certain activities together. A common example to overrule the gap that exists between the students are sharing the same quarters as well as working together in the wards.

I suppose that everyone can have their own opinion regarding this simple, but important issue. Our beliefs now shape the future nurses that we're going to be. Imagine, being thrown into the ward, where there are different types of colleagues, such as the doctors, the physiotherapists, the dietitions, the pharmacists and many others with different level of thinking and different personalities. Can we cope if we can't even put our differences as nursing students aside and become one strong entity, that is as student nurses?

I've had great fun conducting this discussion and hopefully, further discussion can be carried out to share more opinions and knowledge from everyone. Thanks a lot for your participation!

2. Polls
Unfortunately, I have to close my poll even though not every one of my members have voted due to time constrain. I have to finish this assignment on time.

My question was:
What do you think about the presence of a 'gap' between nursing diploma and degree students?

The options to choose from were:
a. Of course there is one! It's huge you can throw a car in it!
b. Yes, but it's still not too obvious.
c. Maybe. Not always, though.
d. Are you kidding? Nooooo!!
e. Urm? I don't know..

For option (a.) nobody chose this. Therefore, it can be said that nobody thinks for sure that there is a gap between degree and diploma nursing students in the department.

For option (b.) 2 people chose this, which accounts for 20% of the total votes. Hence, it can be said that some people agree that there is a gap, though it's not so obvious that it should be made into such a big issue.

For option (c.) 6 people chose this, which accounts for 60% of the total votes. Apparently, many people feel strongly about this option. They are hesitant, but at the same time could not ignore the presence of a probable gap between diploma and degree nursing students in the department.

For option (d.) 1 person chose this, which counts as 10% of the total votes. The person truly believes that there is no such thing as a gap that exist among the students.

Finally for option (e.) 1 person chose this, which also accounts for the final 10% of the total votes. This person seemed to be quite ignorant of the situation and chose not to care whether there is a gap or not that exist among the students.

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