Tuesday, February 17, 2009



tutorial spss : http://www.datastep.com/SPSSTutorial_1.pdf

1. introduction
2. abstract
3. objektif
4. purpose
5. target group
6. sample question
7. conclussion

Preparation with Team Members

Kak Sha, myself and Paan meets up in Prisma Perdana apartment to discuss our planning, research background, etc as well as devicing the poll questions to be distributed later. It was a very productive meeting. We discussed for almost 2 hours and the work was done!

The next day, the survey questions were done and ready to be printed out. We made 60 copies to be distributed in the wards, where each of us are entitled to complete 20 copies. After two days, the surveys were ready to be distributed. On my part, I've been receiving warm welcome from the target group to participate in the questionaire in the medical 1 ward. I'm planning on suggesting to my other team members to give away token of appreciation to those willing to help us out with the research process. We'll see how my suggestion would go with them.

Well, the idea was agreed. We bought 60 muffins to deliver to those who helped us.

The completed form can be viewed here.

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