Friday, April 23, 2010

Part 5

The sound of someone knocking on his door jerked him out of his reverie. His pal, Remy stuck his head in, a slow smile playing on his mischiveous face. "Yo, buddy, want to go for lunch?"

He glanced at the clock on his wall. True enough, it's lunch time. He wondered what she was doing right now, probably busy writing her nursing reports for pass over at 1400h. "Sure, your treat, right?" he responded as cheekily. Throwing one last lingering look at their smiling faces on his desk, he got up and left.

The accident occured almost a year ago, and he thanked God that she was fine now. The last of her casts was opened a couple of months ago. There were the scars that remind them of everything that had happened, of which always made her feel so conscious around him in the beginning. After weeks of convincing on his part, she was much better, more confident and no longer jerk away when he touched her.

"How's Libby?" Remy was asking once they had takent heir seats. He was silent for a while. "She's amazing," he said slowly, missing the pitying look his friend gave him as he was too occupied with his menu.

"Good to hear that," Remy responded. And they talked about other things after that, about the army, current issues, football and everything else. Nothing about his wife was ever mentioned again.

That evening, he got home later than usual, and he'd already told Libby about it. However, when he got home, the house was empty. The food was spread on the dining table, still piping hot and covered. He looked everywhere for her, and even tried her cellphone. But he couldn't get her. Finally he went into their room, and saw the note stuck to the vanity, with her cellphone on top of it. She's forever leaving her handphone everywhere since the accident.

Out with friends, I'll be back ASAP. Love you. -eLLe-
He let out a sigh of relief. After taking a shower, he waited for her, but it was later than he expected that he eventually had his dinner/supper and went to wait for her in his study. Surely she'll be back before sunrise. She's having her day off tomorrow, but surely she'll come back?
Hours after hours later, she still hadn't return. He finally decided to turn in for the night. Just as he was standing up, stretching some muscles, he heard her return. The lava of panic that had threatened to overflow all night finally receded when she stunbled in, a huge grin plastered on her face upon seeing him.
"Hey, handsome, you're still up?" she went to him to kiss him. "I missed you," she breathed, and he whispered the exact words right back. Now I can finally sleep, he thought, as he climbed into their bed and she left to take her shower.
to be continued...

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