Friday, June 25, 2010

How Long Can You Keep Your Make Up Items?


Are you one of those people [like me] who would buy make-up items only to keep them away and use them during 'special occasion'? Well, do beware because although they look harmless, these make-up items also have their own shelf life. If you use it after the shelf life ends, you might risk using contaminated products on your skin!!! Come check this out :)

up to 12 months

two years

cream & gel cleanser
1 year

pencil eye liner
up to 3 years

eye shadow
up to 3 years. if you can't afford to buy both eye liner and eye shadow, you can use the darker eye shadow as eye liners. u need to use a super flat brush for this purpose.

wash in mild detergent for every 2-3 months

wash weekly and discard monthly

water-based will last for 12 months
oil-based about 18 months.
If your water-based foundation dries out before it's expiration date, simply add a few drops of alcohol-free toner and shake to mix it in. No need to do this to oil-based foundations. Because they contain oil, they will tend to separate. You have to shake anyway.

lip liner
up to 3 years.

some expert says 1-2 years, others say up to 4 years. If it smells rancid, it's spoilt.
lipstick stored in refrigerator last longer.
*be careful not to mix with wet items such as chicken!!*

the shortest lifespan; about 4 months.
to add lifespan, prevent from pumping the wand in and out because it will then be exposed to drying air.

nail polish
up to 12 months, depending on quality.

Well, make sure your money spent on these items are worth it, yeah, friends :)

** taken from: What Is the Shelf Life of Makeup?
How long can you keep lipstick, eyeshadow and foundation?
By Julyne Derrick, Guide **


Suehaily Mohd Jiwa said...

ouh thanks for the info wany!
kita mmg jenis pakai make up time special occasion loh,,
kalo xde occasion make up terperap je lame2.haha

Hazwani said...

Welcome :) tula kan, kadang2 tu berbulan2 tak guna mekap. ape pun, just beware la sebab mekap tu sume bahan2 kimia yang boleh membahayakan kalau dh 'basi'. selamat bermekap :) heheh..