Friday, July 9, 2010

Part 2

“I have a fiancée?” a week after being discharged, he asked, shocked. “What am I, twenty?”

“Twenty three,” his mother corrected. “And you were the one who could not wait,” she added, while stirring the gravy in the pot. He continued slicing the onions and the vegetables. They’re preparing for dinner whereby his ‘fiancée’ is coming over once her job is finished. Apparently she is working part time as a child-minder at a local nursery while waiting to be called on her proper job in January.

“And she is?” he asked, still slightly shocked.

“A year younger than you,” his mother responded kindly. He still can’t remember his own family; rather, he only accepted the fact that they were, indeed his family members. They were hundreds of photos flashed at him, and some other memorabilia that fitted the picture. Besides that, the house felt familiar. The kitchen, his bedroom and the living room area felt like normal, as if he’d been there for ages. Hence he believed that.

But she was a different matter. He felt nothing towards her, no memories, and no feelings. They tried to meet up once, when she came for a visit at his house. He just felt, nothing. Though she seemed to be a really kind and good-looking person. He just could not imagine anything about her. And supposedly they were engaged for a few months already, and the wedding was planned for March about 5 months away.

Apparently, he had an accident when they were on their way back from celebrating her graduation day. The two of them were driving at night when he was hit while crossing a junction. They both passed out, she suffered several wounds but otherwise was fine. He had a severe blow to his head, and they both passed out after the accident. The only problem is he lost his memories that night. No one will know whether he will remember again or not. Not even the specialists.

For the time being, he felt confused. His jumbled thoughts were driving him mad sometimes, and he felt so vulnerable. He can’t remember much of who he is, his past, nor his friends. Plenty of them came for a visit, telling him about himself and how they used to be with him. Everyone was so kind to him. Not being able to remember kind of driving him mad, sometimes.

He heard his phone beeped, signalling a text message coming in. Ah, it must be her. A couple of days before, someone accidently sent a text message to his phone. She was a girl, looking for his girl friend. They exchanged a few text messages, and he called her once last night. She seemed to be a very interesting girl. Her name was Laura.

“Ben?” his mom called, appearing to be concerned. “Are you ok?” she asked, wiping her hands on the paper towel. “I was calling you but you seemed so far away,”

He smiled at his mother. “I’m fine. I was just thinking.” He responded, assuring.

“If you say so,” his mother responded. “Ah, that must be your fiancée,” she said as the doorbell rang. She went to get the door while he sat, not knowing what to think.

To be continued...

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