Friday, July 30, 2010

Part 5

“Mom, you’re cooking Dave’s favourite food today? How about mine?” he asked while his mom was busy peeling onions at the sink.

His mother turned to look at him, “You remember?”

He felt a shiver down his spine at the thought of it, but yes, he can remember some things since he woke up this morning. He saw his electric guitar and remembered that he got it from his dad on his 18th birthday. He looked at the family photos and recalled some of the events occurring in the photos. He didn’t want to have his hopes up too high.  So he didn’t tell anyone about it.

“A little,” he answered simply. “By the way, I’m going out with someone later today,” he said, and his mom looked surprised.

“I thought Elisa is working today?”  she asked, staring at him questioningly.

“Not with her,” he hesitated and decided to come clean. “I’m kind of getting to know a girl, Laura. This is our first meet up,”

His mother frowned. “And how about Elisa?” she half demanded.

He sighed. “I can’t remember anything about her, or about us. I found this Laura girl, and I think that she is a very interesting person,” he saw his mom was about to say something, so he immediately added, “I won’t do anything, mom, I’m just meeting her as a friend,” he said, rather unconvincingly.

After a while, his mother sighed. “Well then, just remember that you are someone’s fiancé,” she said with concern etched in her eyes.

He didn’t say anything.

To be continued...

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