Friday, October 8, 2010

Part 11

             It’s been three months since she sent him the letter, and three months of no longer being engaged to him. Yet the stinging pain was still there, as if it just happened yesterday. She read and reread his text messages over the years to her every night. Their pictures together have been removed and kept in a DVD. One day, she might have the courage to throw the DVD away. For the time being, she needed that to remind her that it was real. Their 6 years together was real.

Work was getting better and better. She was terrible at it in the beginning, as she’d left the profession for so long during her break. Now she was getting the hang of it. In fact, work and her new colleague were helping her loads in her path towards recovery.

Apart from that, someone has taken a keen interest in her. She’s been putting him off as gently as she could, hoping that he would get the hint and move on.  

That day, she was assigned to buy some decorative items for their ward annual party. She went to the supermarket nearby the hospital with several other colleagues, who soon left to get their own things except for Ali, who was her partner in the organising committee.

“Hey, Elisa, check this out,”

She turned and shrieked as the slimy thing that was held in front of her registered. Ali was holding out a big fat, gooey green thingy which contained an eyeball. A fake one, of course. In reflex, she hit his hand away while he was laughing hysterically.

“That’s low....!!” she said, hitting him with a plastic hammer on his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get this over and done with. I need to get some nap before my shift tonight,” she spun around and bumped into a guy who was holding a box filled with tassels and stuffs. The box slipped from his clutch and everything spilled out onto the floor.

“OMG, I’m so sorry,” without further ado she squatted, helping the guy to collect his things. When she finally raised her eyes to look at him, her heart literally stopped beating.

Her mouth went dry, and suddenly her heart was hammering her chest as if it was about to burst out any second. How could it be? She was much too aware of her trembling hands as she stood, with him following suit.

“Ben,” he seemed so cool. He looked gorgeous, as always. He seemed happy, as though there’s a glow about him that made him that way. It must’ve been his love for that girl.

But how come he’s here?

“I was transferred here. Yesterday,” he said, as if reading her mind.

At that moment, Ali returned with their paid for purchase. “Come on, let’s go back,” he said, nudging Elise on her shoulder.

A sudden stab of jealousy flashed through Ben at the mere contact. He didn’t understand why. He still can’t remember any feelings towards Elisa. He’s madly in love with Laura and, well, Elisa is no longer his fiancée. He felt confused and they both were at loss for words. Elisa seemed to recover first, and finally excused herself.

“Sure,” he said casually. As she walked away, and he was picking his box up, only did he notice that his palm was sweaty.

         To be continued...

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