Friday, December 24, 2010

Part 16

Elisa was in a daze. It was too much to take in. Apparently, since she was gone and did not keep in touch, so many things had happened. Ben’s mother contracted pneumonia and thought that she did not have much time left, when suddenly she recovered. As a nurse, and someone who was so close to the family once, Elisa felt bad that she was not with her during her tough time in the ward.

And then Ben. Apparently since the day they bumped into each other, he could not stop thinking about her. Night after night, he kept on having weird and confusing flashes of their time spent together. He saw her in his dreams; he alleged that he dreamt of her every night.  Laura’s demands were starting to get on his nerve, and he felt that there was no more chemistry between them and he felt bad about giving hope to the poor girl.

Not long after that, though, his colleague saw Laura with another guy, and, apparently, she was two-timing him the whole time since he was transferred to a new workplace, as he was unable to spend time with her. She was a pathetic little attention-getter that she could not live without a man’s attention. She was not malicious about it, though, as she was simply too childish and pampered by her parents. Without any guilt, Ben broke up with her, which then left the issues of him wanting to try again with her hanging in the air between them, and Elisa didn’t know what to do about that.

“I will always support your decision that would make you happy, love,” her mom had said, when she told her everything. Now she was torn. What should she do?

“He did not mean to hurt you. He did not get over you. His brain just went out on him. If you love him, you should go back to him.” His tone serious, Ali was looking at her intently. “Best man wins,” he said, and added, “and I know that we’ll never be together anyway. You were too innocent for me,” he crinkled his nose and laughed. She could not help but laugh too.

“Actually, you’re too naughty for me,” she responded and he made a face. That was the last time they’d talked about it. Since then, Ali was treating her like how they used to be, like colleagues.

And the last time she saw him was at his family’s house. “Elisa, I love you. I always do. My stupid brain hid those feelings from me for so many months, and I was really dead the whole time I was not with you. Please give us another chance. I don’t want to waste any more seconds of my life without you,” he had said when they had the chance to talk. She did not respond. She just walked away.

And now, she was staring at a box of things that she had sent to him the day she left. He returned them; obviously he’d rummaged through them. On top of the bulk, he wrote a note. A ring fell when she opened the pretty pal green envelope. Her engagement ring that she returned to him!

I love you. I hope that you love me too. Will you [again] marry me? –Ben-

It was so simple and so touching that she could not stop crying. She took out her handphone and texted him.


The end.

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