Friday, August 19, 2011

Eid Tradition

Ever since I started studying in UKM, around this time of Ramadan month, I've made sending these cards a tradition each year. I have a book of addresses. Normally, my cards will be sent on behalf of my whole family to other relatives. I thought of this since our family stopped being able to 'balik kampung' during raya due to my father's illness. Apart from that, I also send some cards to my love, friends and others who request to have one.

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I very much prefer the traditionally handwritten, postal delivered cards compared to sms/digital cards as they are more authentic and exclusive, with a hint of personal touch that makes them more meaningful.

However, due to my move from old house into my current college room, the address book is hidden somewhere under piles of files and books. and I'm too lazy to dig for it. So, I guess, no cards to be sent for this year ;)

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So, if anyone wants a card from me, you can text me your name and address :) Otherwise, I can save a lot of money this year. LOL.

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