Friday, October 21, 2011


Please Donate Your Blood and

Every day people are in hospital bed, needing blood. 
They might just met with an accident and lost a lot of blood.
They might suffer from severe anaemia and need transfusion.
They might need to undergo major operation and need blood.

THEY might be US one day.
or even our FAMILY members.

While you are healthy, please give, GOD knows and God is fair.

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If you:-
1. are Healthy today.
2. are 18 – 65 years old.
3. Weight 45kg or more.
4. had More than 5 hours sleep.
5. had Breakfast or lunch before donation (within 4 hours).
6. and  3 months or more after last blood donation.
7. have No medical problems (discuss with Medical Officer).
8. are Not on any medication (discuss with Medical Officer).
9. are Not having menses for the past 3 days.
10. are Not pregnant/breast feeding.
11. are Not a drug abuser.
12. are Not a homosexual (Men having sex with another man).
13. Do not have multiple sexual partners (more than one partner within 6 months).
14. Do not have sex with prostitutes.
15. have No tattoos, ear/body piercing or acupuncture within 12 months.
16. have Not stayed in UK and Europe during 1980 – 1996

You can donate :) 


PPUKM Level 7 lobby
25th October 2011 (Tuesday)
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Make every drop count :) Please spread the words. Thank you :)

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