Friday, November 25, 2011



have you heard of Befrienders before? Last Tuesday we went for a visit and were given a brief session with them. They showed us what they do and the history of befrienders. It turned out that they were quite established in the UK!! 

Anyway, if any of you feel like you need to have anonymous ears to listen to you, and remain anonymous to them too, you can totally call the Befrienders, be it with good or bad news :) They'll always welcome you. 

Like what a staff there told us, a boy called them once, simply to say "I'm so happy that I got 5A's in my exam!! I want to share this happiness with you!!" How amazing, don't you tihnk?

Last but not least I'd like to share a quote with yall, "A problem shared is a problem halved, a happiness shared is a happiness doubled" - unkown.

Spread the words, yall :)

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