Friday, April 20, 2012

KLCC Skybridge

Cute KL tower ;)

I did not know that we could go up to the bridge connecting the two Petronas Twin Towers for free previously! I was born and raised in KL till I was 14, and Suria KLCC was, like, my major hang out place. Sheesh!

view from above - KLCC park

Anyway, since I am nearing my final months in KL as a student, I thought, might as well go up there and, you know, do it. People have travelled from all over the world to go up there, and yet me, as a Malaysian, have never been up there before. What a [kind of] shame, don't you think?

view from above

So, last Saturday, my classmates and I left college as early as 7am to get to KLCC because apparently, you have to be there before 8.30 in order to get into the queue to buy the tickets. We got there at about 8 and was able to get in line. Limited tickets are available for sale and one person can only buy 5 tickets. The 'polis bantuan' was very friendly and helpful. Although the ticketing counter only opens at 8.30, the queue was already so long, I was scared that we might not get to buy tickets after all.

tickets selection

Anyway, to make long story short, these are the info that I can share with you all.
  1. Be there before 8. If you get too far behind in the line, the worker will ask each buyer how many tickets they want and once they have reached maximum, even if you are in the line, you will not be able to buy tickets for that day. You have a choice. Come again at earlier time on the day that you want to go up and be at the front of the line or buy tickets for the next day. However only 50% of the next day tickets will be sold.
  2. The counter is located at the lower ground level of the Philharmonic Hall next to Suria KLCC. If you take the bus to KLCC, it's near the bus stop, whereby the landmark is a twisting statue-like thing. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 
  3. The tickets are priced at RM50 for non-MYKAD holders, and RM25 for MYKAD holders. However, bring your student card and you'll get a 20% discount. There's a different price for children, I think, but I didn't buy any tickets for children so I'm not very sure.
  4. Each buyer can get a maximum of 5 tickets only. So, If you're travelling in a group of more than that, at least two of you should get in queue.
  5. The trips start at 9.00am, and the frequencies are as such: 9.00am, 9.15am, 10.00am, 10.15am and so on until 6.15pm. We saw a notice saying that they are extending the hours till 9.15pm but on the day that we went there, I didn't see the tickets for that time being sold. Probably the view of KL at night from the bridge would have been better, who knows?
  6. The trip will actually cover the levels 41and 42 [the bridge] as well as level 83 [observation deck].
Personally, I didn't see the thrill in going up there. It's just that, as a Malaysian, I felt that it is good to go there and, you know, be able to say that 'Yes, I've been there'. Majority of the people queueing that day were foreigners, speaking all kinds of languages! However, if you are interested, go ahead and get up there :) Just be sure that you are not afraid of heights :)

P/s: Remember my post about Voters Registration before? Well, here's an update :) hehehe


ღ cik faye ღ said...

i also didn't know, dun worry...anda tidak keseorangan hihi! best tak naik atas tu? mr soldier pernah nak bwk kwn mat salleh dia, tapi rupanya pkl 4 pagi dah ramai orang beratur terus cancel...

miSz tUna said...

biasa2 je. macam naik bangunan tinggi then tengok pemandangan.. huhuu.. maybe sebab tempat tertutup kot. lagi thrill kalau dinding kaca tu maybe hanya railing je ke. hehe. baru la rasa angin sepoi2 bahasa kat atas tu.. :)

memang ramai org beratus tapi mcm yg sy explain la, dia akan kira. but, if tak dpt beli utk hari ni, no harm beli utk esoknya. cuma maybe plan kene berubah sikit la kalau dah plan utk hari ni tu :)

ღ cik faye ღ said...

i see...hishhh, kena datang 2nd time pulak ye...kalau tak dapat naik on that day...tapi KL Tower nasib baik dah pernah sampai...

miSz tUna said...

yep. kalau kita dok malaysia ni takdelah frust sgt kan. kalau yg dtg jauh2 tu, itinerary dah padat.. mesti frust la sbb dh smpai tp tk dpt naik..

KL tower lagi mahal gilerzzzzz!!! tapi, kat situ ada byk attraction. last time sy pegi ada mini zoo, f1 simulation dan dpt naik pony.. rasanya sekarang dh tambah2 lagi tu n harga pun mungkin dah tambah lagi...

Cerita Saya, said...

Serius didi gayat naik tempat tinggi. Hahaha.Didi slalu jer g KLCC tower dia tak pernah pergi..

miSz tUna said...

hehe takpe kalau boleh jadi memudaratkan pula, tak perlu pun naik... :)

Scha Iriney said...

Dear Ms Hazwani,

I'm a travel writer. I can't find your email anywhere, but I wish to use one of the photos here to include it in a travel blog post titled : A Perfect Day Out in KLCC for Travelers to increase the awareness of Kuala Lumpur and to showcase the beauty of it. Please let me know if I am able to, and if so, are there are any procedures that you would like me to fulfill before using it?

Please reach me back at schairiney.arts (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you.