Friday, July 26, 2013

Series of iftar

I had series of 'breaking fast' with friends. 

1. Went out with Prabha to KSL city mall on 23rd July and was surprised to find it was difficult to get halal food there confidently. So we ended up to KFC. It was a nice touch, the complimentary dates :)

with Prabha

2. Found out that one of my housemate has given her 2 months notice to resign and move away. So went out to eat a couple of times together.
Chicken Chop attack!!
+..myself, Caca, Ifa..+

Tick tok tick tok!
She's leaving soon! 

by the way, today is Arie's 19th birthday.
He's all grown up!
I pray that he'll be a good man.

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