Friday, February 6, 2015

Part 1 : 10 Things About Me 2015

So, 5 years down the road from my post 10 Things About Me 2010, this is it. The next one will be done in the next 5 years, when I turn 30. Fuh. Time flies! Honestly! :)

  1. Green is STILL my favourite colour
  2. I worked as a nurse for nearly two years and resigned on 31/12/14
  3. I'm STILL the 4th out of 7 siblings
  4. I'm a girl, obviously
  5. I'm a mother of ONE handsome boy
  6. I have a LOVELY husband
  7. I cannot remember the last time I actually read a book properly
  8. I only play CANDY CRUSH SAGA still (ops!)
  9. I love my family
  10. I am not a very consistent person

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