Friday, February 19, 2016

Our First Cloth Diaper Experience


Let me start with an important statement. I AM A FREAK. I am not going to ask any of you who happen to read this to agree with me. I’m just sharing our experience and hopefully to inspire other mommies and / or mommies-to-be to consider this option.
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Anyway, my mother used cloth diaper for all six of us back then though the youngest she mostly used disposables for some reasons. I can remember helping to fold the newly cleaned diapers for my younger siblings. It was such a sweet memory. So, the moment I found out I was pregnant, I decided to give cloth diaper a try. Initially I wanted to use the flat diaper, like how my mom used to do. However, when I googled for info, I came across modern cloth diapers, which sounded so interesting because they are easier to clean, stain-resistant and beautiful, too. After comparing and considering my options, I ended up buying a stash of 20 diapers, as recommended by many experienced moms.

With my boy, I started using modern cloth diaper (CD) since he was approximately 7 days old. Why 7 days? Because he was jaundiced and we had to be in and out of hospital for a few days. The moment I started, I have never had to use disposables anymore. At all. Alhamdulillah to the support that I’m getting from my husband despite many unhelpful comments from others around me. And, although I never had to use one before, the mushrooming of self-service laundry is making it easy to manage CD while travelling. On top of that, Malaysia is a hot country. It is sufficient to dry the CD by air-drying/line-drying under the sun.

Since I didn’t buy the newborn-sized CD because it won’t be long for my son to outgrow it, initially I had some ‘incidents’ with leaking. The most important thing is to not freak out and be prepared with mattress cover/extra cloth for both baby and carer when leaving the house for chores or anything. Once I got the hang of it and my boy’s legs fill the diaper better, there’s been no issue with leaking at all.

I am using CD with the intention of reducing waste and lowering chance of exposure to harmful chemicals to my son. Therefore, I purchased CD’s that are still quit economical, and of which I believe I’m able to use successfully. There are so many types of CD’s out there. You can google them and compare and contrast. There are also different materials, different ways of care and so many things to learn about it before you decide to use it. You have about 9 months before your baby is born. Please spend some time to READ and add to your pool of knowledge. As for me, I am using pocket CD with simple designs so that they’ll be relevant to both boys and girls.

So far, I have been using the CD for about 8 months and I’m fine with it. Alhamdulillah. In sha ALLAH, I plan to continue until my son is potty trained, and also for our future children.

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Until next time :) Thank You for reading.

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