Friday, April 29, 2016

Wisdom Tooth (Third Molar) Removal Part 2

Assalam / Greetings.

Remember what happened on 18th April? Well, you can read it here.

After less than an hour, the local anesthesia's effect began to fade, leaving me in PAIN. I was so hungry but I cannot eat! I could barely open my jaw!

Anyway I searched for some information, so basically this is how I looked after myself after the procedure:-

  1. Avoid hot/warm food/drinks for a couple of days to promote blood clotting. Iced drinks were the BEST!
  2. Take soft, liquid diet like soup, porridge, milk to avoid moving the jaw so much.
  3. NO GARGLING AT ALL for the first 24 hours. Which means, no toothbrush too! This is important to promote blood clot, which will ensure good healing and prevent infection.
  4. Avoid heavy/strenuous activities for at least a couple of days. (I rested for the whole week!)
  5. Apply ice packs over the cheek to reduce swelling and pain. (This is so helpful!)
  6. Take the pain medications as prescribed (I did not, because I'm still breastfeeding so I would prefer to avoid medications unless REALLY necessary)
  7. If bleeding occurs, put the gauze as supplied by the doctor and bite on it over the affected area for at least 20 minutes to ensure blood clot is formed nicely.
So why did I say my choice was awful?

Because, having a baby means having to breastfeed him, carry him, having him wanting to hold you, cuddle you and punching your swollen cheek! 


The swelling started a few hours after surgery. and really, I just wanted to sleeeeeeeep afterwards. But, having a baby (with husband not around) means, not being able to simply sleep. I was counting the days and telling myself, it will get better. 

It WILL and it DID.

So, cheer up mommas. We have got to do what we have got to do, right?

Finally, the appointment to remove my stitches was one week later. So, after the removal, the lady dentist said I can totally do anything I want. LOL. What a relief. It took me at least another week to exercise my jaw to function normally again due to stiffness after resting for the whole week. Phew.

I'm done. I hope I don't need any more of this surgery. Aamiin!

Moral of the story : Go and get yourself checked before you became pregnant!

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