Friday, July 22, 2016

Postal Order (Pos Malaysia)

Assalam / Greetings,

Today I would like to share about claiming Postal Money from the Post Office (Pos Malaysia). It was my first time, too, so I suppose sharing this might help many other who does not know what is the procedure like. This is the example of the postal money/order.

back view

front view
These are the steps:-

  1. Go to nearby post office (Pos Malaysia).
  2. Obtain this form (picture 3).
  3. Fill up the sender / recipient details.
  4. Sign the form at the bottom left section.
  5. Get your number for your turn at the counters
  6. Hand over the postal order and the form.
  7. The Pos Malaysia staff will return the copy of the form to you, a receipt and your cash.

example of form from this page

You are all done now. Hope it helps :)

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