Tuesday, January 13, 2009


1. How do I edit my signature in e-mail and the importance of signature

First of all, I must register to have my own e-mail account. I need to simply open the www.yahoo.com webpage on my browser and register new e-mail with my information.

Once registered, I must sign into my account. In the option dropdown menu at the top right part of my profile page, choose mail options and go to signatures.

Lastly, all I need to do is change the option to show a signature on all outgoing messages and write what I want to be written as my signature. Then, I'm all set.

Naturally, the signature is important for my correspondence to be able to identify the sender of e-mail, more specifically, me. This way, they can tell who is writing to them and how to contact him or her. It's a simple way to introduce myself, and to comfirm my credibility, without having to explain in so many words.

2. How do I create a group/digital portfolio

Group/digital portfolio is a useful method to discuss ideas, share knowledge and information with others online. To begin, I must open the yahoo! page on my browser and click on groups.

Click start your group and under choices in browse group categories, choose health and wellness and then healthcare. Click place my group here. Then, I describe my group, place my group address and the name of my group and click continue. Follow through with the instruction and I'm all set with my new group. ;)

3. How do I plan, observe and evaluate group discussion
Planning is the most important aspect in conducting any work. For this assignment, I'm supposed to carry out a group discussion by preparing a topic to discuss among my friends whom I have invited to join my group.
Since I'm new in this and am still learning to do it right, my plan is very simple. I would start a topic, allow my friends to express their views and try my best to respond to their views. Every once in a while, I have to make sure that the discussion does not steer out of course and that everyone is following proper ethics in discussing through observation, such as by using appropriate language, not showing hatred and too much negativity and overly critising to the point of insulting. I would have to visit my page from time to time and analyse the comments wrote by my friends. Anything deemed unsuitable must be eliminated or cencored.
Evaluation of group discussion can be done through polls carried out along with the topic of discussion as well as drawing a conclussion on the discussion. This will be carried out in my other blogposts. Keep reading! ;)


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