Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  • Kumpulan 3 orang.. ceritakan tugas masing² oke ;)
  • Nurul Shaziana bt. Tajudin, Mohamad Farhan bin Azizi, Nurul Hazwani bt. Abdullah Zawawi
  • bm / bi
  • any programme (use own imagination) complete with text ucapan, etc. ;)
  • 12 pages including cover (minimum)


  1. Page setup a4, margin 2cm (suka hati), margin under pages, choose book fold from drop down menu (original setting is normal)
  2. Kulit masih design biasa guna column sahaja.
  3. Insert page number

First meeting to discuss overview of booklet.

These are the list of things that have been decided and the management so far. Next meeting is scheduled to be on Friday.

  1. Majlis : Senamrobik Perdana
  2. Anjuran : PPK (Persatuan Pelajar Kejururawatan)
  3. Target : Members of the Department of Nursing UKM
  4. Venue : Stadium Bola Sepak Cheras, KL.
  5. Date : 25/4/2009
  6. Time : 7am - 2.30pm

We segregated the duties into 12 categories which are:-

  1. Front cover
  2. Introduction
  3. VIP's speech
  4. Advisor's speech
  5. Programme Director's speech
  6. Mission, vision and objectives
  7. Aim
  8. Programme tentative
  9. Results of contests
  10. Organisational chart
  11. A million thanks
  12. Autograph

completed one can be viewed here.

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