Saturday, April 25, 2009


a.) Complete SPSS data - group work
b.) Report - Individual, not more than 15 pages.

1. Coding.
- Demografi
i. Jantina 1 lelaki, 2 perempuan
ii. Profesyen 1 nurse, 2 doctor, 3 fisioterapi, 4 dietitian, 5 farmasi, 6 pelajar kejururawatan, 7 pengajar jururawat, 8 lain².

- Soalan
i. s1
ii. s2
iii. s3
iv. s4
v. s5
vi. s6
vii. s7
viii. s8
ix. s9
x. s10

- Enter information in variable view to record data because in variable view, the format for our research can be set for data entry later.

2. Data entry
- Once the format has been set according to the notes at SPSS terminologies as well as SPSS tutorials

3. Merging data from group members
- Open files with ID that starts with no. 1
- Click on and highlight the last row of the data, the empty row where new datas are going to be inserted.
- On the top action bar, click 'data', choose 'Merge Files', open the files that you want to merge with and click OK.
- Your datas will be merged.

4. Analyse e.g. Frequencies
- In 'data/variable' view, click 'analyze', 'descriptive statistic', and Frequencies...'
- Choose one variable and click 'OK'.
5. Graph
- In 'data/variable' view, click 'graph' and choose te tye of graph that you want to use.
- Choose what you need when 'Data in Chart Are' box appear. Click 'define'.
- Choose slices represents whatever we want.
- Choose Define slices by.. Click 'OK'.
- Edit if you want.

6. Copy to words for report writing.
- Right click on any object e.g graphs, click 'copy' and open word document, paste it there.

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