Tuesday, April 7, 2009


  1. find out what nursing duties can be done with excell.. example, statistics, graphs, records, etc.
  2. group berpasangan
  3. belanjawan
How to name a cell?
[column row]
e.g G3
This cell name is what we refer to for putting any formula.
Name a column.
e.g bil, date, makan, pakaian, komunikasi, hiburan akademik
Write a number 1 in same column below 'bil'
Write number 2 in the row below 1.
Box it until a dark coloured box appear.
Move cursor till the + symbol becomes lighter
Drag the box and the number will be continued in sequence.
We can use any sequence.
e.g 1,2,3... or 5,10,15... or 10,20,30...
Also, we can use date sequence
e.g 01 Apr 09, 02 Apr 09...
Rename sheet1 to April2009 [bottom left], no space between 'April' and '2009'
Put in value for each column in each day
e.g [makan 01 Apr 09] = 10
Use decimals in 2 points. Add decimal by clicking the button control and add decimals.
e.g 10.00
Insert comment.
Right click, click insert comment. Items with comment will have a red little tag on the item's cell.
To sum up my spending, click autosum then box the row to be summed up. Click enter.
To continue the same setting for the column 'perbelanjaan', click the cell with autosummed setting, right click and copy. Then, box the rest of the cell in the column that you want to set with the same formula, then right click and paste.
Similarly, right click the cell with the formula you want and click copy. Then, move the cursor till the + symbol becomes thinner, drag the box to cover the rest of the cell in the column that you want to have the same formula. Tadaaa..!!
In column 'Baki'(L), click the empty cell in the row that I want to start, insert formula.
e.g =K4+K5-J5
Once the formula is correct, box the cell, move cursor until the symbol + becomes thinner and drag till the rest of the cells in the same column 'baki'.
Sum up each column. Click autosum at the bottom cell in a column, drag the whole cell in the column to be summed up and click enter. Then, drag the summed cell (at the bottom) to the right so that the same formula applies for the rest of the column.
Select your whole sheet (highlight them) and then choose a suitable border.
To make a graph:
  1. highlight the cells with category that I want to be put in the graph e.g makan, hiburan, komunikasi etc.
  2. press control button and highlight the values of the same categories that I have highlighted before.
  3. click chart wizard
  4. choose chart type. I've chosen bar. Click next.
  5. choose series in : column. Click next
  6. chart title: Belanjawan April 2009
  7. Category (x) axis: Item
  8. Value (y) axis : Jumlah (RM). Click next.
  9. Click as object in the name of my sheet. 'April2009'.
  10. Double click on each item and select the setting that I want. e.g colour, type of line, etc.
Starting another sheet (for a different month)
  1. right click at the april2009 sheet anc click move or copy.
  2. tick create a copy and choose sheet 2. change the name of sheet 2 to may2009.
  3. edit the month in may2009 to may and then move cursor till + sign becomes thinner and drag top the bottom. automatically the month will be changed.
  4. edit the 'duit masuk' column title so that the balance from april2009 is being carried forward. how?? Ok here goes, click the cell and then type =.. then, click april2009 button and in the fx (formula box) it will read '=april2009!'.. then, click at the final balance in the previous month and then press enter.
  5. to add a day to the month may, click at the numbering of rows on the far left page. click the last row and then right click. choose insert and a new row will be added.
continue until complete 12 months!! ;)

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