Friday, March 26, 2010

Part 1


His hand shot out of the blanket, groaning while feeling for the alarm clock on the bedside table. A few seconds of peace later, he turned to his side. True enough, her side of the bed was neatly made, and she was nowhere to be seen. Probably busy in the kitchen preparing their breakfast. He took a glance on the clock. It was 6a.m. sharp. I must wake up earlier than her tomorrow. He got out of bed, smiling as he thought of her.

"Smells good," he complimented honestly, staring at her lovely face with a sheepish smile while pulling a chair to sit. In a few minutes he'll be sending her off to work. She looks dashingly lovely in her work uniform. And she was smiling while laying out his plates for him.

"Come, sit with me" he invited, pulling the chair next to him. She was the most beautiful person he'd ever seen. Inside and out. He'll never stopped being awed by her, and everything about her. It's been nearly three years of their marriage, yet he never once got bored of her, or of looking at her. She takes his breath away, each time.

They began to eat in silence. Today, somehow, she seemed sad. And he knew why. But he didn't want to even think about it. God, he couldn't even imagine it. He was fighting the sudden panic attact that was threatening to burst out, yet on the outside, he maintained his composure.

"Sugar, we need to talk," she said after polishing off her breakfast. It was his favourite, fried chicken rice and tea. She always cooked his favourite food when he's around. Another precious thing about her that he just can't get over, time after time.

Wiping off his mouth, his heartbeat leaped and bounded and he was on the verge of screaming out loud at the unjustness of it all. "We'll talk tonight, shall we? We need to send you off to work first," his calmness surprised himself. She inclined her head, understandingly. He'll never get over her. Ever. God!

"Come on," he invited, offering his hands to her. He'd drop her off to work, then he'd return home to clean up the kitchen and get ready for work. That's their routine for this week, before she begins her evening shift next week. Their life was forever changing according to their hectic schedule. He's an army officer, she's a nurse. They could never have any children, due to some unexplainable reason. But his life with her was perfect enough as it is, that he would never ask for more. Being able to live with her, for one more day, was more than enough.

He kissed her forhead, as she bent to shake and kiss his hand. "I love you," they both said at the same time, and she laughed, pinching his cheek lightly. "See you handsome," she said, getting out of the car with her serene smile.

He watched her body being swallowed into the huge hospital building, taking a deep breath to ease the ache in his heart. God, I love her so much! Please give me the strength to face whatever you have in store for us. I don't know what I'd do without her!

After a while, he drove off. Another day is laid out in front of him. Another one that he'd cherish as much as he can. Another day that would mean, less days in the future for him and her. Oh, snap out of it! He killed the thought and kept on driving. She's here now. That's all that matters...

to be continued...

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