Friday, April 2, 2010

Part 2

"Sweetheart, we made a pact. We shouldn't let this go on forever. You need to live," she said gently over dinner that night, looking at him seriously.

He looked away. As usual, she cooked his favourite food for dinner and they were scrumptously yummy. Yet his appetite was gone. He just couldn't stand to look into her deep brown eyes and just know that she meant every word. He knew that she's telling him the truth, and he didn't want that truth to happen. He never realised how fast time flies.

Gently, she touched his face, and he shut his eyes, willing the tears to go away. He couldn't, and as the warm liquid leaked out onto his cheek, she kissed him gently, wiping the tears away. "I love you, dear. Please don't cry,"

They embraced, and stayed that way for a long, long time. God, why? Why must this happen to them? Why, why oh God!

That night in their bed, he sang to her, and she was resting her head on his chest, playing her fingers on his palm. He sang their favourite song, he sang and sang, knowing how much she loved that and she kept playing at his palm till they both fell asleep, exhausted, and emotionally drained. She prayed in her heart, for his to be strong, and as she listened to his strong heartbeat, she knew that he'll be just fine. Somehow, the thought made her want to cry.

Some hours that felt like a few minutes later, he opened his eyes. Blinking rapidly. She was still curled up in his arms, fast asleep. Ah... finally. He smiled despite the pain. Gently playing with her beautifully long hair that he loved so much, he he watch her eyelid flutter and she woke, staring into his eyes.

"Good morning sunshine," he whispered, grinning like a child. She chuckled and tickled his belly. "Morning sugarplum." they kissed for a while, and eventually, reluctantly she got up, and started tidying up the bed. He took his cue and reached for their towels. He didn't want to waste another day. A new day has come, and his time is running out fast.

They showered together, then she went to prepare breakfast as he pore over some of his work papers. He wanted to help, but she'd only shush him away, saying that he's a distraction when she needed to move fast. He didn't take offence because he'd help her with dinner and they'd take forever and he's content with that. He needed to finish some work anyway.

After a while, he reached for the framed photo of them on their wedding day. She looked radiant. The day was a blast. Slowly hid mind drifted away to that magical day, when she officially became his......

to be continued..

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