Friday, April 9, 2010

Part 3

They'd agreed on purple. She wanted green, he knew she loved green, but her love for him made her agreed to his choice of colour. So, purple her dress was, and he was clad in his army uniform, so nervous, he thought his heart would burst out of his chest any moment.

Walking under the swords barrel, him promising his undying love and commitment as he put on his ring on her, and the kiss they'd shared that day, those things made it the most magical day of his life, with friends and families celebrating their happiness together. She got her wish, a wedding in their secondary school hall, decorated with purple daisies that she loved so much. They were so young, yet they were sure of what they'd wanted. The moment he looked into her eyes, on their wedding night, he knew that he's going to love her forever. Nothing will ever come between them, unless god willed it so.

Nearly three years later he was looking at her now, toying with her food, as she usually did when she's got things on her mind. He wanted to ask, but he already knew the answer. So, he kept his silence. He missed her chatter so much. Tonight we'll talk. he thought adamantly.

Later at work, he was staring at their wedding photo yet again, when something struck his mind. He immediately picked up his phone and dialled. Ooh, she's going to LOVE it. He just knew. He just hoped that he's not too late.

"I missed you," was the first thing she said when he entered their home. She was, as always, looking so radiant in her favourite t-shirt and shorts. "And I, you," He bent to kiss her gently and she guided him to the living room, where she'd prepared his favourite snack. Immediately his appetite was whetted and he salivated at the sight.

Excitedly he bite into the succulent doughnuts, and it didn't take him long to polish all four of them off. When he finally raised his head, satisfied, she was covering her mouth, trying to hide her laugh and snorting at every interval as she did so. She always snorted when she was genuinely amused but was trying to hide it. He couldn't help but to laugh at her snort.

"You laugh like a horse, eh," he said, pinching her cheek, playfully hard.

"And you eat like a pig" she said, finally letting out her hearthy laugh, tears began to form in her eyes. " I didn't even get ONE," she added, and laughed some more.

Oh my god. He totally forgotten about that, and he reddened. "It's ok, you're already so fat," he said, and they burst out laughing.

"You're fatter," she responded cheekily. Eventually they stopped laughing and throwing mock-insult at each other long enough for him to take a shower and start helping her made dinner.

This is life, he thought, as he was watching her chopping off some spring onion and he continued to clean the chicken parts happily. I want to stay like this forever.

to be continued...

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