Friday, August 27, 2010

Part 9

“Thank you so much for everything auntie,” she bent to kiss Ben’s mother’s cheeks and hugged her tight. “I’m sorry that it has to end this way,” Elisa smiled despite her tears. It was time for her to go reporting for duty. She’d asked his mother to meet somewhere outside, so that she don’t have to bump into Ben.

“We’re sorry to see you go like this, Elisa. You were already almost a part of our family,” she was crying too, something Elisa had rarely seen.

Next she went to embrace Nina, Ben’s youngest sister. They were so close; they were practically sisters by blood. Naturally it was difficult for her to say goodbye, knowing that this will be the last time she’ll see them. It would be too painful for her to visit his family once the engagement was broken. It would be too much for her to endure.

“I hate Laura,” Nina whispered with vehement. “I hate to see you go,” she cried, not wanting to let Elisa out of her embrace. “Why did it come to this, sis? Why?” she was rocking with the intensity of her and it broke Elisa’s heart again and again.

“Shhhhh... don’t hate her. Don’t hate anyone. We’re not meant to be, that’s all,”

She held Nina’s face in her hands. “Hey, look, we can still be friends, OK?”


I don’t know. “I promise,” she hoped she sounded convincing enough.

“Take care, Elisa. And we wish you good luck on your undertakings,” Ben’s father said, as she shook his hand and kissed it respectfully.

“Thank you, uncle,” she tried to force a smile on her face.

“Dave, Nick, please look out for your brother. And thank you for everything,”

The two boys nodded, not able to look her in the eyes. There was nothing anyone can do, because Ben had made his decision. They exchanged several pleasantries, and finally, she placed the last of their offerings into her car and drove off to the new place where her new life will begin. From now on, she is free to go and explore her own live. She is a free woman, and she will have to be independent.

Goodbye, my love. She closed her eyes, for a moment savouring the last of her memories of him being with her, remembering all the dreams that they’d created together, and all those shared moments of happiness. I will think of you, always.

With that, she drove off into the sunset.

To be continued...

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