Friday, June 3, 2011

Part 9: 10 Ways to Win My Heart


I have a closed heart. I decide when I want to allow anyone to enter. So, rarely that I have any guidelines on ways to win my heart. However, I'll try to find something that I could write down, and actually have real feelings for.

  1. If I am single, and you are a single guy who wants to get to know me better, just walk up and say hi in an appropriate way. [i.e: not when I was rushing for a train or a toilet break, no!!]
  2. Give me a stuffed hippo. 
  3. Listen to me properly and make me laugh.
  4. Send me cute texts that show you are thinking of me.
  5. Respect me and those close to me.
  6. Spend time with me, take me to the beach, or waterfall or something.
  7. Cook for me. [yep, I think guys who cook is simply attractive]
  8. Play music for me.
  9. Be honest with me.
  10. Trust me.

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