Friday, December 9, 2011

Love Comes Cheap These Days

I may not be the perfect example. 
But really, girls, please don't easily fool yourself into believing him and started to post "I love you hubby" on his facebook wall for all to see, way too soon into the relationship. 
Give it time. 
Otherwise, you might get public humiliation when you realise that you're just another of his 3-monthly eye-candy.
When he's tired of you, all of a sudden his "in a relationship with..." status can change to someone else's name.
So many girls have had that experience.
and he's one of my guy's close friend, so I know. 
Believe me, I know. 
It pains me to see those girls easily played by him.
So, please, girls out there,
if you value yourself and your dignity,
Please don't humiliate yourself.

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