Friday, December 16, 2011

Mental Health, A Precious Gift from ALLAH


How many of us really care about our Mental Health?
I doubt many people notice that our 'mind' can become sick, too. 
I've seen people who have 'lost' their mind,
young people who are still young, and those who have grown old, 
elderly people, so old they are naturally doubled over when they walk,
and how they live, when they have this mental illness,
little more than animals,
abandoned by family members,
unloved, unwanted....

to people out there, LOVE your health, not only physically, but also mentally. Seeing them like that, made me think, do I want my parents to live like that when they're older? Do I want to live like that when I'm older?

Well, if you have a family member with mental illness, care for him/her. Learn how to do it, instead of abandoning him/her completely. Or at least, the least that can be done is, visit him/her occasionally if he/she is warded. They are still human beings. If you abandon them, or treat them badly, just remember, in the eye of ALLAH, their status is free from any sin. Yet who can say about our status?

For all of us who are still sane, think carefully before being too emotional about things. We must remind ourselves that we are strong, and believe in ourselves. Don't let our mind becomes broken and live like animals, running on instinct instead of rational thinking, or even shame. Just remember, a gift is a gift. We can enjoy it and care for it while we have it. Once it is taken away, we don't have the right to ask for it back. Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow? Think, my friends.

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