Friday, March 30, 2012


This time I have to make a scheduled post. 


because, right now [as this post is published to the public] I am undergoing 
KKG [Kem Kemahiran Generik = Soft Skills Camp] + BTN [Biro Tatanegara]
 in Langkawi. This is compulsory for first and final year nursing students in UKM. 


from here

OK, I hope you all are jealous when I said LANGKAWI ISLAND. He he he he. 
It's my only consolation for having to go for [another] BTN. 
This might already be my 5th since I joined UKM.
I hope the facilitators are kind to us.

Anyway, since I'm in a camp, no 31st March 'Earth Hour' for me.


So, I hope yall out there would like to participate on my behalf. Let's try to contribute something for our future generations!! :)

The good news is, after KKG, my firends and I are going to travel to PENANG!!!


Anybody nearby who would like to be our tourguide??? 
Feel free to halo2 me. We'll be there from Sunday [1st April] till Tuesday [3rd April]  :)

Otherwise, Happy Friday everyone. Have an AMAZING weekend ahead of you :)


ღ cik faye ღ said...

jangan lupa beli coklat yaaa... bestnya pergi Langkawi...saya pun dah lama tak pergi pantai/pulau.

miSz tUna said...

yeszaaa.. shopping coklat je dh dekat seratus habis.. huhu.. puas hati..