Friday, April 6, 2012

Fever.. Drip.. Hospital

I was ill :(

I was feverish since Monday Night. I thought the rising temperature was only due to durian overeat / rain / heat / tiredness.

I was wrong.

On Tuesday, I only slept throughout the car ride from Batu Feringghi to Kepala Batas.
Thank Goodness another friend can drive.
Late that night [close to midnight], I had chills and rigour [violently, uncontrollably shaking]
I took panadol.
Around 6.30am, another chills and rigor episode.
Called mom just to whine.
Dad called back, insisting that I go to a clinic.

That morning my temperature was 39.5 degree Celcius.
I took more panadol.
My friend took me to ER at Kepala Batas Hospital.
The staff there were really friendly and nice.
The doctor interviewed me, and they took my blood sample.
As I was told to wait in bed for the result to come out, my dad decided to come to Penang and take me home.
They came from Perak, as they were visiting my grandma who just got out of hospital.
Then the staff nurse asked me to collect my urine sample, sent me for Chest x-ray and ran a pint of normal saline into me. 
For the first time, I had to be given drips!

The doctor came and told me I had infection, prescribed me with antibiotics, and my parents took me home.

Now I'm recuperating at home, not wanting to go back to College but knowing that I must.



ღ cik faye ღ said...

get well soon yer...banyak2 minum air & rest...

miSz tUna said...

terima kasih :)