Friday, May 24, 2013

Of Day Offs and Birthdays

Late last month, my roster for 25th Apr - 24th May was released.
Wallah!! Suprise surprise!! 
ALLAH granted me day off from 22nd - 24th May. 
Which coincide with Dad's birthday on 23rd!! :) Wieee~~~~

happy birthday, love of my life :)

So off I went back to Seremban on a bus. Had a good time with family and returned to JB on 24th.
Initially, mom said not everyone might be able to come back. 
However I noticed, when I made the effort, the rest of my siblings would somehow do that, too.
Well, just believe that ALLAH is the best of all planners ;)

Next up, Pahang trip with girl firends!!
Can't wait!!

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