Friday, May 31, 2013

Friends and Weddings

Quite a number of things happened throughout this week. 
Well, for one thing, Gervanne came for a visit from Singapore.
So I took her out for Chicken chop at Hutan Bandar and then to Danga Bay to hang out.

yummehhhhh grilled chicken chop!!
from here

and then... the long-planned and awaited trip to attend Kak Sha's wedding in Pahang. :)

Alia, Dayana and I from Seremban to Pahang, followed by Noi and Rosmah on the next day back to Seremban.

Finally, the first among our class mates in UKM got married. 
Barakallah. Until Jannah, in sha ALLAH. :)

-Noi, Rosmah, Dayana, Alia, myself-
Please ignore my excessive makeup. Alia insisted.

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