Friday, June 7, 2013

One Plus One Plus One Makes Three

Three important things happened this past week.

1. I first met 'him'

 chaperoned by Dayana, Noi and Rosmah. 
 from Seremban to KL. 
 He then dropped me off in Selayang and met Kak Long Niza and Abg Meerol. 

2. Nurza's Wedding in KL

with the Bride and Groom
*can you find me?*
oh. this pic is taken by 'him' by the way ;)

 Him, Kah Yau and myself, in his car. So yes, Kah Yau has met him, and he approved. 
 Met so many of my SABian friends. 
 One meaningful advice from the glowing bride "Find someone who can look after us, and not the one who needs looking after." - Nurza, 2013. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks my friend ;) 

3. My family came to JB for a visit.

-along, abang, husna, huda, mom, dad, miza, wan-
Chicken Rice Shop, post Legoland.

 Seafood Dinner at Senibong Cove. 
Danga Bay
 Love Love Love 

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