Friday, June 12, 2015

Part 3 : 10 Things I Hate


Hate is a very strong word. I dislike this word and avoid using it. I'll just list down things that I 'strongly dislike' instead, alright?

  1. Being late. [it's soooooo shameful!!].
  2. People who are late. [he/she is showing disregard to other people's time].
  3. Disloyalty. Infidelity. Two-timers. You name it. [seen and heard of too much of this!! haih...].
  4. Missing my husband when he has to be away. Okay, it's not hate, hate. More of I wish we're always together.
  5. Slimy 'ulat'.
  6. People who are poor at maintaining hygiene.
  7. Gatal men.
  8. Being forced to do something against my will.
  9. Period cramps. I thought after giving birth it should be gone? Wrong!
  10. When I realise I'm causing my husband's displeasure.

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