Friday, June 26, 2015

Part 4: 10 Things I Want to Say to One Person


To my dearest Husband

  1. Thank you for being a GREAT husband despite both our flaws.
  2. I pray that you will be istiqamah with being cigarette-free till our last breath in sha ALLAH.
  3. I hope you are willing to forgive me everyday as I forgive you always.
  4. I pray that you will continue to watch out for your health.
  5. You are one of the greatest things that ever come into my life.
  6. You are not perfect, neither do I. Still, you make me feel complete instead.
  7. Let's love one another and guide one another everyday forever.
  8. Let's have more children together. [ha ha ha]
  9. Please don't break my heart, my trust and my love for you.
  10. I love you so much! There's no one else and no one will be for as long as we are husband and wife, in sha ALLAH.

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