Friday, July 10, 2015

Part 5 : 10 Wishes


  1. I wish to be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend, and sister.
  2. I wish to be a good nurse who excels in my carrier and contributes to the lives that I meet in my line of work.
  3. I wish to have enough money for me to live in harmony, I don't need to be extremely rich, but I hope I won't be extremely poor too and not surrounded by fears due to debts.
  4. I wish that my family is healthy.
  5. I wish my husband and I will live together happily until the last of our breaths.
  6. and have a healthy life, with healthy kids and healthy grandkids and healthy great grandkids and so on.
  7. I wish to be able to raise my child[s] well.
  8. and my son will grow up to be a good MUSLIM man.
  9. I wish to perform Haj in Mecca with my husband while we're both healthy.
  10. I wish my husband will remain loyal to us.

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