Friday, April 15, 2011

Part 2: 10 Things I Love


Now it's 10 things I love. This is quite difficult. Because I could not separate 'love' from 'like' or 'extremely like' and etc. I'll try my best to list them down, though as usual, I'm not very good at prioritising, so I don't put the items in any particular order.

  1. Dark chocolate. Not milk chocolate [though I enjoy chocolates in general]
  2. My laptop [12-inch, black COMPAQ presario CQ20].
  3. My 1st cameraphone. [still using it, my pink SAMSUNG L700]
  4. BBQ-ing.
  5. Natural places [the beach, waterfalls, lakes etc.]
  6. Water. [I enjoy playing in them, swimming, while washing the dishes, while washing the car, etc.]
  7. My violin.
  8. Books.
  9. Soft, fluffy pillows on soft, fluffy beds [and 'fluffy', only one specific person would understand this, lol.]
  10. My children [soft stuffed toys!! epecially my hippopotamus stuffed toys collection]

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