Friday, April 29, 2011

Part 4: 10 Things I Want to Say to One Person


Naturally, this one particular person would be my bf. Well, right now, it's going to be him. So, here goes.

  1. Please stop smoking. I love you too much to just watch you self-destruct.
  2. I am sorry I was basically the cause that you restart smoking after nearly 1 year of stopping. [you stopped on 23rd of August 2006, I still remember that date!]
  3. I love you so much.
  4. Please be strong and not let me become a target to blackmail you emotionally. I'd hate to be your weakness because your job description does not allow you to have weaknesses. [do I sound bad?]
  5. You are one of the greatest things that ever come into my life.
  6. You are not perfect, neither do I. Still, you make me feel complete instead.
  7. I dislike your choice of a career, however I see that it changes you into a better person, so it's a package that I must accept.
  8. You've been a great partner to me, despite some hiccups here and there.
  9. Marry me soon!!! :P
  10. If and when we're husband and wife [InsyaALLAH], I expect joint efforts for everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Household chores, children tasks, monetary issues, etc.

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